Upgrading house insulation with light-clay

There is a lot of talk about energy and this usually leads to discussions about upgrading the house insulation.  Light-clay is an excellent choice.  It would preferably be applied to the exterior, securing it much like brick veneer with ties secured to the horizontal wood sticks (“rebar”) embedded into the light-clay.  Long screws or lag bolts may be used to secure the temporary forms as the light-clay is tucked into position.

It is important to remove any exterior membrane that may act as too much of a vapour barrier that will end up in the centre of the wall once the light-clay has been applied.  Window bucks must be designed to shed water properly.  The windows will end up set back from the outer surface of the wall.  This will reduce both interior condensation on the glass and aid to reduce the exterior cooling of the wind on the windows.

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